The Safety First Boomkin

Okay, so there’s a new post over at BBB.

Seems like he’s issued a challenge for bloggers to explain how to manage aggro/utilize class tools for helping your pug-group out. Fine, I accept!

Single Targeting

A chicken, played carelessly, is a terribad aggro whore of the worst kind. See, we have this lovely talent called Eclipse. Spam Wrath enough, and you’re gonna have a chain of super sexy Starfire crits. Me, I’m fairly decently geared, and usually pump out, say, 18k-ish Starfires under Eclipse. Pummel a mob with this, and you’re going to have a monster charging your ass ready to eat some juicy lazerchicken.

Watch your Omen, or whatever threat monitor you choose to utilize; Once you start heading towards the tank in threat, perhaps consider changing back to the lightweight Wrath, or, and this can take a little skill, use some of your supercharged boomage on a mob that: a: has a good chunk of health still left, and b: that has a lot of aggro on the tank. What this does is not only saves you from being a tasty BBQ treat, but also utilizes your damage, and speeds up the kill just a bit more. Don’t, for the love of all that is feathered, continue your Starfire spammage, hoping the tank will pull off you; do your job, and the group will be the better for it.

AOE Wonderland

Now that our Starfall is the ubermench that all AOE spells aspire to be, I see it being used a hellava lot more in dungeons. Unfortunately, this also takes some practise and skill to utilize properly.

Firstly: If you are going to use Starfall, stop and look at what it is going to hit!

That means, can you see mobs? If so, there’s a good change they’re going to be aggroed. Solution: WAIT until the tank has picked them up. You already knew that, right? Well, that’s not enough. Wait even longer; cast a few DoTs, throw a Wrath or two, then start your rampage!

Of course, the most common AOE we have is Hurricane. Simply let the tank grab some aggro, and slap down that shiny green targeting reticule. Now, as far as AOE’s go, this is a good’un; not only does it do a bit o’ damage, but it gives an attack speed debuff to enemies. This can be very helpful to some tanks, as not all of them will necessarily be applying their own debuff. If you want to know a little trick though….

While the tank is gathering up mobs, lob a Wrath at one of em, preferably a tough one. THEN apply your Hurricane. Thanks to Earth and Moon, that mob is going to take 13% extra damage. Not a bad way to spend the time waiting for the mobs to get aggroed.

Now… I’ve mentioned two AOE’s here… And I bet some will wonder, hey, why don’t I use BOTH of them for super whacky crazy damage?

Well, that’s exactly the reason. Starfall followed up with a Hurricane is disgustingly powerful; as I said before, I’m well geared, and though I do get into groups with similarly geared tanks, if I cast those, it is a certainty that some mobs are gonna come running at me, clutching at my precious feathers. Safe version: Don’t do it. Alternate version: trust your tank and healer, and pray that they trust YOU. Otherwise, it ain’t just gonna be the mobs who will be clamoring for some tasty Boomkin-on-a-stick.


Don’t. Unless you’ve got it glyphed for some reason. The ONLY, SOLE exception is if you spot a mob rushing towards your healer, and you are too lazy to reach for your roots button. If you do, push the mobs away from the healer, do not push the mob back into the group he came from. Cos, you know, that’s still gonna knock back the tank’s mobs. Fun Fact: Along with Thunderstorm, Typhoon is a spell that actually generates threat against you to the tank. It be making em mad.

Other Tools

Roots: To be used if a mob is rushing your ranged/healer. Keep it somewhere easily accessible.

Cyclone: Can be used for the same reason as above, but is inferior; it lasts for a lot less. The main reason you want this bad boy available is that it is our only reliable interrupt at the moment. Yeah, I know, QQ and all. Useful in that some mobs decide to blatantly ignore the threat rules and cast spells of innocent ranged DPS’s or healers. Throwing this on is going to save your healers some time and mana.

Barkskin: Going to taking damage fer sho’? Whack this button. At. Any. Opportunity. 20% is a noice amount of resistance, again saving the healer some work.


Guess what? You’re a hybrid. Act like one. If the proverbial is about to hit the you know what, it’s time to slap on your healing hat. What’s great about Boomkin healing, as opposed to, say, Elemental Shaman healing, is that you do not typically need to spend much time to save the group from a potential splatterfest. A regrowth or two, a few rejuves, and you’ve given the group a gift the keeps on giving. Of course, if the healers actually decides to take a dirtnap, then, go ahead and heal the party. You’ll be thanked. Though possibly ignored by the dead healer.

One ‘Don’t’

Don’t switch to bear form to help out the tank. That’s a kitty’s option. You see, your gear has a limited amount of stam. Sure, popping into a big furrball raises this a bit, but it’s really not that much. Not only that, but you have NO other survivability skills. No crit immunity, even. And if you pull some aggro, well, then the healer is going to have to work overtime on TWO targets.

Chickens + Bears do not mix.

Okay, coming up to the thousand word mark now, so we’ll call it a post. Hope I haven’t missed anything!

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2 Responses to The Safety First Boomkin

  1. Tex says:

    Thanks a ton, man. I have pretty much given up on using starfall in 5 man’s unless it’s just a really geared group. What I haven’t done is actually USE an eclipsed starfire when the mob is down to 15k health or so. That’s really good advice and can help alleviate some of the drudgery. Most of the time, I don’t have issues, but when it’s a lower geared tank, I HATE pulling aggro off of them because it makes me look like one of those selfish players that I can’t stand. I have often gone to a “wrath only run” but I never thought about trying to one-shot the mobs at a certain point with an eclipsed starfire. Great Idea.

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